At TS Auto Design we offer a large variety of aftermarket aerodynamic parts. From full replacement bumpers, to lips, to diffusers. To order or inquire about parts send us an email anytime or give us a call at (604) 284-5459.



A good tune along with good bolt ons can create a completely new driving experience for any car. We are eager to help you tune the car to your personal preference, contact us via email or phone to get started today!


Coilovers offer not only height adjustability, but often times a massive upgrade in handling as well. Coilovers are suggested over lowering springs for users who are more performance orientated, or want more adjustability for their suspension for both more comfortable street use or stiffer track use.


Aftermarket wheels can change the entire look of a vehicle. At TS Auto Design we carry a large variety of wheels, from affordability to pure quality. Give us a call today to place an order for your very own set!